Nico Don Projects, LLC is a Financial Wellness Mentoring Company - We Help You CREATE YOUR FUTURE SELF! This is Accomplished By Helping Them Improve Their Credit Scores, Visualize Their Goals, and Teaching How to Build Generational Wealth Through Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Investing.

Featured Courses:

1) HOW TO PURCHASE YOUR 1ST RENTAL PROPERTY IN 90 DAYS - A Comprehensive Guide to Generating Passive Income through Income Properties

In this Course, Real Estate Investor Mogul, Victor Vonico Johnson explains why Passive Income is a great strategy to build long-term wealth and offers useful guidance on ways to fund your 1st Rental Property Investment.

·      Learn the 5 Keys to Success with Buy-and-Hold Real Estate Investing + 1

·      Support Sessions to Guide you through Challenges Most Beginners Make

·      Understanding the Buy & Hold Strategy to earn $300 - $500/month in PASSIVE INCOME

·      How to get the $1,000's of Dollars Needed to Purchase Your Rental Properties

·      What to look for when Driving for Dollars

·      Buy & Hold Calculator to help determine if the property is a good investment

·      How to work with real estate agents, contractors, lenders, and more!

·      Screening and Managing Tenants to prevent losing $1,000's on your Rental Property from property damages and unpaid rent

2) HOW TO INCREASE YOUR CREDIT SCORE FROM THE 500'S TO THE 700'S - A User-Friendly, Do-It-Yourself Guide to Improve Your Credit Score

In this Do-It-Yourself course, Victor Vonico Johnson shares his expertise as a Certified Credit Consultant, and his 20 years of Debt Collections experience to help you RAISE YOUR CREDIT SCORE into the 700's!

  • Learn How to Identify and REMOVE Unfair & Inaccurate Negative Remarks from Your Credit Report (legally)
  • Eliminate Inaccurate Charge-Offs, Collections, Repossessions, Evictions and More from Your Credit Report
  • Learn Proven Techniques for Negotiating with Collection Agencies & Law Firms
  • Learn How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
  • Learn the 5 Keys to Getting & Maintaining Perfect Credit
  • Discover 3 NEW Ways to Add Positive Credit to Your Credit Scores

Cost: $197 (Normal $297)

For questions, contact Victor Johnson at 678-353-7772 or [email protected] or visit

Your Instructor, Victor Vonico Johnson

Hi, I’m Victor Vonico Johnson; you can call me 'Vic'.

Over the past several months, I have been working hard to find a way to help people achieve financial freedom, by sharing information about how to improve credit scores, personal finances, and ways to get into real estate investing. I wanted to do this because I, myself, struggled with poor credit, living paycheck to paycheck, being repossessed, and being called by collection agencies, while I was a manager at one! Even while advancing in my career, I continued falling further into debt. Enough was enough, and I eventually found a way to achieve my goals, and I turned it all around. Now, I maintain a credit score over 760, I am a successful entrepreneur running 3 businesses, and own multiple rental properties, with my beautiful wife, Latasha.

In 2015, my wife, Latasha, and I purchased our first rental property using only about $10,000 in cash out of our pocket, with credit scores in the mid-600’s, and 2 years later that turned into $43,000. We decided to invest in 2 more rental properties, then 2 more, and now we own 5 in less than 3 years from the 1st one. Now our portfolio of 5 rentals is valued in the 7-figures. We earn more than $300 in profit per door, per month, and the tenants are paying down the mortgage, while the equity builds. Real estate is the best investment vehicle in history.

My journey has taught me many things, but the main thing is that I had to BELIEVE IN MYSELF AND TAKE ACTION! There were also a few supportive people that were willing to share information with me, without trying to harm me. Now is my time to share the knowledge that I have, to help others achieve their financial goals. I want to see people in a place of happiness. It is time for YOU to CREATE YOUR FUTURE SELF.